Fault Zone: Diverge


Don't miss Volume Five! The edgy San Francisco/Peninsula Writers chose the equally edgy Thomas Ekkens's cover to wrap up their superb short stories and poems. Kudos to editors Audrey Kalman and Linda Okerland. Stories by Kevin Arnold, Sue Barizon, Jo Carpignano, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun, Emily Eddins, Ann Foster, Darlene Frank, James Hanna, Karen Hartley, Laurel Anne Hill, Diane Jacobson, Amy Kelm, Maurine Killough, Bardi Rosman Koodrin, Elise Frances Miller, Diane Lee Moomey, Lucy Ann Murray, Linda Okerlund, Lisa Meltzer Penn, Frank A. Saunders, Martha Clark Scala, Ellen Six, Eve Visconti, Wendy Walter, Ollie Mae Trost Welch.  

Fault Zone: An Anthology of Short Stories

A literary project from the San Francisco/Peninsula California Writers Club ​Published by Sand Hill Review Press

FAULT ZONE : over the edge

An anthology of Stories(Vol 2)

Fault Zone isn't only about temblors and trembling earth, it's about heartache and personal foibles, about experiences on terrafirma as well as a few ghost tales to tickle your imagination. We Think you'll be intrigued and delighted with Fault Zone: Stepping Up to the Edge.

Stories by Carole J. Bumpus, Bridget Burke, Jo Carpignano, Keith DeFolo, Ann Foster, Darlene Frank, James Hanna, Tory Hartmann, David Hirzel, Diane Jacobson, Audrey Kalman,  Bardi Rosman Koodrin, Cheryl Levinson, Ida J. Lewenstein, Jane Mellin, Elise Frances Miller, Diane Lee Moomey, Lucy Ann Murray, Lisa Meltzer Penn, Mil Pribble, Martha Clark Scala, Laura Tarwater, Gary Turchin, Christopher Wachlin, Ollie Mae Trost Welch

FAULT ZONE : over the edge

An anthology of Stories  (Vol 3)

What does it mean to go over the edge? We asked that question, and the stories we received yielded a vertigo-inducing mixture of people and places rooted in the SF Bay Area. The first three Fault Zones—Words from the Edge, Stepping Up to the Edge, and now Over the Edge— form a trio that completes our first round of anthologies and firmly establishes Fault Zone and the SF/Peninsula Writers, a branch of California Writers Club, as a Bay Area powerhouse of literary talent.

"Fault Zone: Over the Edge is a collection of fantastical, intense and spirited writing that arises straight out of the chthonic beating heart of storytelling. From the wildly civilized animals of the imagination to the barely civilized humans who roam the cities and suburbs of America, these stories and poems take the reader on a literary journey into some very dark places that nonetheless shine with the light of truth."

             —Mary F. Burns Author of J-The Woman Who Wrote the Bible and Portraits of an Artist



An anthology of Stories

The San Francisco/Peninsula Writers have done it again. This is their fourth volume of short stories. Novelists Max Tomlinson, David Hirzel, Margaret Davis, James Hanna, Diane Lee Moomey, and Laurel Ann Hill join forces to produce a stellar anthology. Senior poet laureate Jo Carpignano and award winning poet Maurine Killough will jog your sensibilities. This anthology is chock full of great stories by professional and prize-winning writers. Other authors include Lois Young, Tina Gibson, Darlene Frank, Diane Jacobson, Martha Clark Scala, Don Redmon, Frank A. Saunders, Sue Barizon, Karen Hartley, Ann Foster, Tim Woolf, Bardi Rosman Koodrin, Lisa Melzer Penn, Wendy M. Voorsanger, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun, Tory Hartmann, and Lucy Ann Murray.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

FAULT ZONE : words from the edge

An anthology of Stories(Vol 1)

Immensely popular! If you haven't secured your copy, this is the time to do it. You don't want to miss Margaret Davis's haunting story, "The Accident," Mil Pribble's tale of his father's encounter with a terrible cat in "Androcles and the Lion Revis-ited," or senior poet laureate Jo Carpignano's touching "My Antonia." One great story after the other. Grab a copy now.

The auth
ors in this volume are Carol Bumpus, Joe Carpignano, Tia Creighton, Margaret Davis, Ann Foster, Darlene Frank, James Hanna, Tory Hartmann, Laurel Anne Hill, David Hirzel, Bardi Rosman Koordrin, Cheryl S. Levinson, Ida Lewenstein, Elise Frances Miller, Diane Moomey, Lucy Ann Murray, Linda Newman, Lisa Meltzer Penn, Mil Pribble, Martha Clark Scala, Eve Visconti Christopher Wachlin, and Ollie Mae Trost Welch.

Available in Kindle and paperback