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He's politically incorrect.

Definitely a misogynist.

Wildly optimistic and self-centered.

He breaks the law. All laws, actually.

So why are we laughing?

And why do we love him?

Go Pomeroy! Go!

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Pomeroy says, "Sounds better if you sing it." So break into song now, wherever you are....

Well I'm gonna be bigger than Elvis
And my groupies are gonna be helpless
'Cause I sing just as well
As that Tennessee shill
And I got me more iron in my pelvis.

When I take me a piss, it's a pleasure
'Cause my groupies all get my full measure.
They babble and scream
Like they're lost in a dream
So I just pick 'em off at my leisure.

I got jailed for indecent exposure
'Cause a cop didn't have no composure.
When he looked at my pants
The dude started to rant
'Cause my bell bottoms needed some closure.