Can a blue collar kid become a symphony musician?

Dodging Satan

Bardi Rosman Koodrin

Janet had a lot of growing up to do. She didn't intend to do it during France's 1968 May Revolution.

John Singer Sargent and cousin Violet Paget become a Holmes/ Watson team and solve a murder.

Dodging Satan

Mary F. Burns

Will Agnes Anne  ever leave home or will she be trapped by her Catholic childhood?  

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Nanci Lee Woody

A Second, Less

Capable, Head

Aloha Also Means Goodbye


Audrey Kalman's story of love and regret.

The boss just hired his girlfriend. Now what?

Congratulations to Kathleen McKormick for her multiple awards!

A Fan of John Singer Sargent? You will enjoy these!

This is a local, San Mateo County, publication and only available on Amazon.

A prison counselor must negotiate an uprising and realizes he trusts the prisoners more than the guards.

First Friday

Has Jack the Ripper come to New Orleans?

Tears and Trombones

A frustrated writer burns her manuscript. (Chicklit fun!)


Poor little Bridget is confused about all the Catholic myths and teachings.

An Afghan war vet is accused of murdering her fiancé.

Dodging Satan

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Laurel Anne Hill

Tory Hartmann

A destination wedding turns awkward when her old boyfriend shows up.

I'll Never Tell

Martin F. Sorensen


MARGOT ABBOTT'S  harrowing tale of war and love is back! What a fabulous read. Don't miss this one!

WINNER of Distinguished Favorite

James Hanna's interview with Romauld

James Hanna

Ana Brazil

Dr. Abigail Brenner

Looking for clues to the past to understand the present


plus a Silver Readers' Favorite!!

Replacement Children: The Unconscious Script explains why children born after the death of a sibling or after a family trauma are unconsciously treated differently and discusses the consequences. Authors Rita Battat Silverman and Abigail Brenner, MD share stories from replacement children and follow up with clinical facts. Foreword by Katie Couric.

Sand Hill Review Press

Always a good read!

WINNER of Independent Press Gold

The Berkeley Girl

Rita Battat Silverman

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Margot Abbott

James Hanna's stories make reading dangerous again.  WINNER of Distinguished Favorite Award

Call Me Pomeroy

Dodging Satan won two CIPAs

John Singer Sargent's paintings revealed more than he ever wanted people to know.

Tears and Trombones


Dodging Satan just won a NYC Big Book Award!

That's the 18th award for Sand Hill Review Press!

Dodging Satan

A parolee thinks he's a rock star and through political hijinks becomes one. (Adult language)

The sequel to The Berkeley Girl: In Paris, 1968 plus three great stories about the 1960s.

The Best of the Sand HIll Review

A Catholic priest reveals his life's journey.


Kathleen Z. McCormick

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Audrey Kalman


The Siege

Fr. Harry G. Schlitt

Margaret R. Davis

Replacement Children

Elise Frances Miller

The Engine

Woman's Light

A steampunk tale of

California's alternate

history. WINNER OF INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD! Plus Kirkus Award -- Best Books of 2017.

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